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What if I told you I could dial into the energy of your biz
and provide you with the clarity and strategy you require to
create thriving success?

Hello Beautiful! I am Ariadne.


step out of overwhelm, stress and confusion – into their

to create WILD SUCCESS!


With my Intuitive Super Powers I can discover the Soul of You & your Business in just one session. I help you transform weak and limiting energies in your business landscape into spacious elegance so you can surge forward quicker than you can imagine!

Wouldn’t you like to instantly discover……..

* the changes you can make right away to create more money in your business?

* exactly how to design and create your dream biz in the easiest way possible and draw in it’s growth at a speed you desire?

* the actions you are taking that aren’t actually doing anything for your business?

* limitations and blocks you may be unaware of?

* what your special talents and capacities are?

* what your business is aching to create through you and for you?

How could your business change if we dove deeper to:

* discover your true colors, authentic zone of business genius and the sought after
unique solutions that will create your following?

* cultivate an empowered, soulful mindset that destines you for legendary success?

* eliminate fears, insecurities and immobility so you became shamelessly visible?

* articulate what you need to say, where you need to be and what you need to do in order to gather
paying clients and customers quicker than you can imagine?

* design and implement a manageable digital strategy that caters to you,
your lifestyle, your business& and your tribe?

“Ariadne’s intuitive awareness
and marketing know how are BRILLIANT!”

I know I have a higher purpose and I am supposed to be doing something different. Ariadne had the capacity to easily perceive my talents. She helped me become aware of what I was naturally good.   She outlined a manageable marketing plan from which I could begin my business. Thanks so much Ariadne!

– Shirley Feiber. Energy Healer, Writer

“Ariadne provided me with clarity and direction.
Now I know how to begin my business!!”

The business consultation I had with Ariadne was just what I needed!  She really helped me to put the pieces together so I make sense of all the ideas in my head – and Ariadne really knows her stuff!  She is very educated in web marketing, social media, and different ways in which to leverage one’s self. She was very intuitive and just “knew” what would be best for me and my business.  I loved the clearing work she did with me also! I would recommend Ariadne’s services to anyone looking for business coaching.  Thanks Ariadne for your professional services and know-how – I’m excited about the future of my business now!

– Alara Serait. Mystic. Psychic and Akashic Records Reader

YOU & ME = Openhearted Communion, Razor Sharp Awareness, Relentless Support, Creative Synergy, Dynamic Transformation and Pragmatic Biz Building Strategy. 

Do you realize how much wisdom, magic and beauty you have within yourself?  Are you creating a product or service that you want to offer to a larger audience yet don’t know how to put the marketing magic in place? Are you freaked right out because you wanna make your biz dream come true but are afraid of failing?

I AM HERE FOR YOUR SISTER.  Once we discover what is yearning to be created through you, that unique gift you are here to offer the world, and the best way to market your gifts and talents, everything will flow like water in a spring stream.

I have worked with hundreds of clients world wide helping them transform limiting beliefs, and the affects of negative life experiences –  into their embodied knowing, awareness and potential  – so they could create what they desire and make their dreams come true.

As a Master Intuitive and Digital Marketing Consultant, I zone into the energy of you and your biz to discover what is not in alignment with your success. Forget about needing to brain storm to find out what you can offer and the most generative way to create moola! When I work with you, I literally receive downloads of awareness and information like streams of a rainbow:  I offer this to you and help you spin a web of winning digital strategy that creates your business pot of gold. Not only can I read the energy of you and your biz, my expertise in energy transformation works like a magical wand to eliminate energetic weaknesses that hold you back for wild success.

What are You Waiting for Girlfriend?


Ariadne is an Intuitive Master – no doubt about it.

I first met Ariadne when taking a quantum energy training course.  She instantly wowed me with her intuitive acumen.  Since then I have taken numerous workshops she taught that were AMAZING.   Ariadne’s intuition is bang on and always guides me back to aligning with my authentic self and higher purpose.

Christie Grant. Mental Health Nurse. BSc.

“Ariadne is just amazing. When I think of who I was before I met her and who I am now, I am blown away.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ariadne in both personal and business development levels.  I am inspired by her deep knowing and intuitive gifts.  She not only has the power to help you become aware of your stuff and your own strengths, she also can shift your limitations, doubts and holding patterns quickly.  Your life will start to change in a good way if you choose to work with her. Ariadne is authentic and comes from a gentle, wise, supportive heart.

– Cheryl Pavlovic. Mama on a Mission.

Ariadne blows me away. She knows exactly how I wanna design my bizes without even talking to me.

I feel super lucky and so grateful to have worked with Ariadne.  She sees things in me that I don’t see in myself.  Her intuition, support and business and marketing know how lead me forward in discovering my full potential.  Rock on Sistah!

– Kimmy Energy.  Healer, Intuitive Empowerment Coach.

Do you REALLY want to
stay FROZEN in FEAR and OVERWHELM paralyzed
from moving forward with your Life Long Dream
of Elegant 6 Figure++Living ?

Do you REALLY want to
continue moving like Yurdle the Turtle
at the slow, controlled pace

you feel safe and comfortable in?

Or would you like to align with
your Legendary, Soulful Self
and shift through blocks, resistance, and confusion like the LIONESS YOU ARE?

Together we can gracefully sift  through the inner work you still need to do, transform any resistance and challenges that arise during your business creation, and outline an action plan that will bring you wealth and an elegant, joyful, balanced life.




Uncover your unique talents and capacities & catalyze them into a thriving business

Launch you forward like an empress completely confident in your magic

and knowing how you can contribute to your own thirsty-for-your-expertise community

Gain crystal clarity on your desires & create wealth and elegance in your life from the space of creative ease

Design an irresistible online presence with a message that’s impossible to ignore

Become Shamelessly Visible and blissed out as your
expand your empire YOUR WAY!

Create a conscious business that transforms the life of your clients and your own.

Book you solid with a waiting list of international clients clamoring for your expertise and magic.

Eradicate all fear and lack forever so you can truly

Receive undying and rock solid, intuitively designed support,
guidance and strategy to finally create your own business legacy and adventurous life



Touch Base With Me For a Complimentary 30 min Consult to See How I Can Contribute to Your Biz in a Heartbeat!

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